The Big Straw / Bubble Tea Cafe in Jersey City

Drink Tea Differently

The Big Straw is a fun and modern bubble tea shop serving variations of tea-based beverages: milk tea, flavor tea, smoothie, slushy and yummy Asian snacks!

Mon12pm - 8pm
Tues  12pm - 9pm
Wed  12pm -  9pm
Thurs  12pm - 9pm
Fri  12pm - 9pm
Sat  12pm - 9pm
Sun  12pm - 9pm

What differentiates The Big Straw are the mixtures of unique teas, flavors, and add-ons in our beverages in addition to the types of Asian style snacks that we love and know the community will love as well. The Big Straw offers various flavors of bubble tea as well as bubble milk tea. All handmade to order!

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