The Big Straw / Bubble Tea Cafe in Jersey City

Drink Tea Differently

The Big Straw is a fun and modern bubble tea shop serving variations of tea-based beverages: milk tea, flavor tea, smoothie, slushy and yummy Asian snacks!

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The Big Straw is a fun and modern bubble tea shop with limited services concentrating on variations of tea-based beverages: milk tea, flavor tea, smoothie and slushy as well as small Asian style snacks.

Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is the name given to the wide variety of refreshing flavored fruit teas and milk teas served ice cold or piping hot with chewy natural tapioca balls that you suck up through a big fat straw! Yum - It's like a quirky snack and drink in one! The tapioca balls are sometimes referred to as 'Pearls' or 'Boba', which some people say over time has evolved in to the word 'Bubble'. However the true origins of the name come from the small floating bubbles that are created by the vigorous shaking involved in making bubble tea.

The origins of bubble tea are found in Taiwan, where the drink was invented in the early 1980's. Just as we in the US were being confounded by Rubiks Cubes and recording new romantic mix-tapes for our friends, our counterparts in Taiwan were busy chewing and slurping the new craze that was already starting to take the country and the rest of the world by storm. The next step in tea-volution had begun!

This new phenomenon spread rapidly to other Asian countries before sneaking through the back doors of the Chinatowns all over North America, Europe, and Australia. Now you can find some delicious, refreshing bubble tea right here in Jersey City!


What are these tapioca balls?

The stars of the show are made from tapioca starch, derived from cassava root, and are slightly sweet, having almost no distinct flavor to them, allowing you to savor and enjoy the essence of the tea used. The consistency is like a gummy bear, soft and chewy, being no larger than the size of a marble. These small bits of chewy fun sink to the bottom and can only be slurped through a BIG straw!

Does the drink always comes with tapioca balls?

It is up to you how you want your drink! You can instead have it with tasty fruit jelly or aloe vera – it is really up to you!

How much sugar is in bubble tea?

That's up to you! You can ask for half sugar, or no extra sugar at all.

Are bubble teas considered vegetarian?

Indeed it is! All components are 100% vegetarian!

What type of milk do you use in the milk teas?

We use Non-Dairy Creamer. This means that we can offer some of our milk teas to lactose intolerant customers.

What is taro?

Taro is a tropical root vegetable found in south-east Asia, Africa and the Americas. It is considered a staple food in some parts of the world, made popular for its light purple colouration and sweet nutty flavour.

Can I mix and match my flavors?

Sure! Just let us know and we'll customize a drink based on your choice of flavors.

Is bubble tea carbonated?

Bubble tea is not carbonated and can come in an array of different colors depending on the flavor chosen. The tea is usually sweetened though it has less sugar than a typical soft drink. There are an endless variety of flavors to try.

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